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House Feng Shui


House Feng Shui is the research from the unseen power known as chi which is created from wind, water and objects. Chi may be the energy creates mobility and vitality in your life.

In house Feng Shui, good chi has good health, powerful and balanced. Poor Chi is vulnerable, sickly and imbalanced. By changing or modifying furniture placement at our houses, we can easily improve Chi. Therefore we can balance and enhance our life circumstances minimizing stress and hassle.

House Feng Shui Living Room

House Feng Shui Living Room

Shar chi is harmful energy. Sharp angles feature shar chi and they’re like ‘poison arrows’ that produce negative energy to the area they point out. Those people who are having activities at these deficient areas could be high tempered and angry frequently. A shar’s energy can be blocked by filling out the perspective.

“In House Feng Shui, good Chi has good health, powerful and balanced and Shar Chi is harmful energy”

A house ought to be as airy as you can, organize and interesting with plenty of light to draw effective chi. Even so, you shouldn’t sleep with a beam or with another objects such as a wind chime or threshold light place right too deep. This will cause anybody to have unwell sleeps. Staircases are just like beams; as a result it is deficient for door to take care of a stairway directly. This could have an impact on family harmony and financial circumstances.

House Feng Shui Bedroom

House Feng Shui Bedroom

Mirrors are common in bedrooms. However, many house feng shui experts see them as deficient plus it should not be put into couple’s rooms. They feel that mirrors reflect intense power and pressure the relationship from the couple who sleep there and causes bad luck to the single person. By using a more compact mirror may decrease the negative energy.

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